Jan. 22nd, 2009 11:08 am
moderate_excess: (Choc chip cookies)
A few quick questions for my friends with (or with knowledge of) diabetes. When you consider eating something sweet, what factors are important for consideration? Is it total sugar, total carbohydrates, specific sugars and carbohydrates? I'm a bit confused after reading a number of web sites and recipes. I've been trying to come up with good sugar-free versions of my recipes (which is failing, but more on that perhaps later) and I keep coming across recipes that call for other kinds of sugars, such as honey or molasses. I thought any sugars were bad. Also I'm seeing cookie recipes that only call for replacing the white sugar with a substitute and keeping the brown sugar. If I ever do find a decent recipe, what information about the nutritional content would my diabetic customers find most useful (assuming I can provide it)? Also, do any of you have any really good recipes? (And by really good, I mean something that would cause a person biting into it to close their eyes and do a little happy dance.)

Thank you for helping with this. It may be that I end up not doing any sugar-free stuff at all. I'm not willing to sacrifice quality and so far I'm just not happy with any results.

[edit] Well, actually, the banana bread turned out pretty tasty, if I can just get the baking time right so it doesn't partially collapse. For the record, I'm using Splenda plus non-fat dry milk and extra baking soda.


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