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2028-03-22 01:16 pm

The Future is Now

Welcome to my journal! Feel free to read, to friend, to be yourself. All I ask is that you treat me and the people in the comments with respect.

I also have an art journal, [ profile] art_at_large, in which I post stuff about the art I do. I don't update it as often as I do this one, but it sort of goes in fits and starts.

I may or may not add you to my reading list. If I don't it's probably because I've looked at your journal and it didn't seem like something I would want to read. Sometimes it's because there's nothing but memes, sometimes it just doesn't capture my interest. If your journal is primarily friends-only and you think I'd enjoy your locked entries, by all means drop me a comment and tell me so. Also, if I don't friend right back, please don't take it personally. I have a terrible streak of procrastination in me and it sometimes just takes a while.

So, I think that's that. I do have filtered posts and I have a number of different filters. If I do know you IRL, let me know and I'll put you on that one.

Have fun and thanks for reading.
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2014-01-06 01:13 pm

Still alive...

And no cat on my lap at the moment, so you get a post!

It's a brutal -18F here today, one of the coldest days in Wisconsin in quite a long time. The high is only supposed to make it to -14. Needless to say, I'm staying in today. Baking is scheduled, because what else do you do when it's frozen out there? I may have made a tactical error there, though, as I was confident I had all the supplies I needed when I went to the store on Friday but didn't do a thorough check, so I barely had enough buttermilk for one loaf of robot bread and there is enough all-purpose white flour for only a single batch of cookies. Whole wheat bread flour, pastry flour, stone-ground flour, white bread flour, rice flour, buckwheat flour, potato flour... got plenty of those. All-purpose white flour? Not so much.

I'm also knitting again and in the last two weeks have produced four hats, one of which fits me and I am wearing a lot. The first two were too small and have been sent off as surprise gifts to someone else's grandchildren. I hope they find them useful and pretty. They have cables.

Right now I'm knitting a black and white short-row scarf with some mill-end yarn I bought on sale at the craft store. It's very thick and the scarf is knitting up very dense, but I hope that this will be a good thing in the long run. It's good to have something to do with my hands besides eat left-over holiday cookies.

I bought a TV and smart Blu-ray player on which I can get Netflix, so I have been burning my way through series that I missed the first time around or lost track of part-way through. I enjoyed Heroes, am halfway through season two of Once Upon a Time, which I like quite a bit, but I am taking a break and watching season five of Dexter, which just became available. I'm looking forward to watching all of Alphas, which I've caught kind of hit-or-miss over the years. I occasionally watch PBS with the folks, and we had people over for the premier of season four of Downton Abbey, to which my mother is addicted. It was fun but contained few surprises beyond the one revealed in the opening minutes.

My reading has sputtered to a hiatus after a binge reading of all the Harry Potter books and Libriomancer by Jim Hines for the fantasy book group I've joined. I'd blame the TV, but I was blocked even before I got it. There are plenty of books on my "unread" shelves, but none of them really draws me right now. Maybe when I'm tired of knitting and can let myself just read I'll give it another try.

Time is passing very strangely for me. It's hard to describe beyond "slipping away un-noticed". If I get two things done in a day I feel accomplished. If I get five done, I feel exhausted. There's always tomorrow, because life has become a series of identical days punctuated by pre-set activities and the occasional social invitation or doctors appointment.

OK, I have been informed by Beamer that I have done enough typing for the time being and she would like her lap back, please. Next time I have the chance, I'll put in some pictures.

Take care, everyone, and stay warm wherever you are.
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2013-12-13 02:12 pm

Breaking radio silence for a good cause

Hi Folks. I know I owe you a good, long update, but I have no time yet. So many things going on. But I wanted to make a short post for a good cause. As a life-long bibliophile, I have always loved going to small, independent book stores. They are getting thin on the ground these days, so when I have a chance to support one, I try to do so.

My LJ friend [personal profile] editrx recently bought a small bookstore in New Hampshire and is raising funds for needed improvements and inventory. There are 12 hours left in the Indigogo campaign and she needs $1000 to make her goal. She has some lovely incentives (I'm getting a pin) and I think it's something well worth supporting. Since I don't have an extra grand just lying around, I figured I'd mention it here. It would be wonderful if we could get her to her goal today.

The campaign can be found here:

Thanks! Reporting will resume soon, I promise!
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2013-08-24 08:15 am

Moving and other things

In the past month I have: helped design and buy furniture and display cases for a trade show in NYC, updated the company web site, unpacked and shelved the better part of 16 large boxes of leather-bound journals from Italy, worked at the pen shop as needed including running to the storage unit for inventory, completed blasting a 6' tall octopus on tempered glass to go in a bathroom door, designed and blasted two shower panels, the glass for which was not delivered until last Friday, oversaw and coordinated (long-distance) a complete remodel of the basement room at my parents' house in Madison, Wisconsin into which I will be moving, packed all the books and loaded them and as much stuff as I could manage into three ReloCubes to be shipped to Madison ahead of the move, packed the rest of my things, including the entire sandblasting studio, rented a 26' truck, loaded a 600 pound compressor onto it, and in general juggled cats until my arms were tired.

Today is moving day. Everything has to be finished being packed and get loaded onto the truck, including all the rest of the equipment from the studio. Laundry to be done, cats loaded into carriers, final shopping taken care of. There are people I didn't get to see before I go and things I never got to do. Everyone tells me I must come back, and I will, but I don't know when.

I've meant to post photos of the glass in progress, and the piles of boxes rising higher and higher, but time got away from me again and so you'll just have to imagine or wait for me to gt around to it once I get to Madison.

Thanks goodness I have had help, in the form of [personal profile] bibliofile, who has been invaluable in helping pack things while I've been sandblasting and keeping me company and giving me an excuse to eat at some of my favorite places one last time. And she will continue to be invaluable when it comes to driving the car and two of the cats up to Madison, while I pilot the huge-ass truck and its loudly complaining feline passenger. She's lucky; she gets the boy-cats, who are gentlemen in the car. Also thanks to Laura, the professional organizer I hired to help pack, event though she packed things I told her not to pack and put things in weird places. Control freak freaks out. But it's all good, and this too shall pass.

And now it's time to shut the computer down and pack it into a box and do the laundry and pack the remaining items and my suitcase, and, and, and...

If I didn't get to see you to say goodbye here in NOLA, please know I really wanted to but time got away from me. I hope to see you when I come back for a visit.

Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish beads.
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2013-07-05 12:12 pm


Has anyone had any experience with using either PODS or ABF U-Pack relo-cubes for moving? I have quotes from both which are coming out within about $200 of each-other.

Relo-cubes are 6'x7'x8' and can be put in my driveway by fork lift. PODS are either 8'x7'x7' or 8'x8'x16' and are delivered by lift system, which might not fit in the driveway and may need to be put in the street. I could have the pod for an entire month to fill if I needed; with the relo-cubes I get 5 days.

Any experience you can share with me about either of these options would be valuable.


Off to pack more boxes of books.
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2013-03-16 08:58 pm

Pi(e) Day! Pictures

Pictures below the cut because I care. Read more... )
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2013-03-15 08:31 am

Pi(e) Day!

Thanks to the willingness of my co-conspirator [personal profile] iridium, pie was achieved last night out of available ingredients. It was a total wing-it adventure but it was gooood. Apple pie with streusel topping.

(Pictures to follow when I get back after the market, for which I am late.)
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2013-01-19 10:02 pm


My parents are getting older, and I've been looking to see how much I can do for them at a remove to supplement the times I am able to help them in person. Last year after Thanksgiving, I found a device for my Mom to help her get in and out of the car more easily as she was having trouble swinging her legs in and out. It's basically a padded swivel seat and she says it helps a great deal.

When I was up there, she asked me to help her put her sock on her right foot, as with her knee and shoulder problems she isn't able to do it herself. I know that my dad helps, but his back has been giving him a lot of pain lately and so I've been looking into various assistive devices. The most promising looking is called the Easy On/Easy off sock aid kit (, which looks pretty good, but I wonder how well it would work with her knee socks.

Does anyone have any experience with this or other such devices? There are many out there with straps and handles and such, but this one looks simpler to use, especially for someone with shoulder issues. I would appreciate any feedback y'all might have on this.
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2012-11-28 08:26 am

Life with Cats

Just a quick post before I head off to work.

Every time I go away for a while, the cats get up to more mischief than usual. This time, [personal profile] iridium emailed me a picture of The Moo Cat's latest shenanigans. This is what she found when she returned home from work: Read more... )
Thank goodness for kind and understanding room-mates. With smart-phones.
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2012-11-11 07:15 am


I've been thinking about how to write about the brain weasels, and I'm still mulling it over. Most of my friends understand the term and wrestle with their weasels on various levels. The ones that yammer at me the most at the moment have to do with my fluctuating weight--after a magnificent run of losing weight, I've managed to regain more than I'm comfortable with, and it's proving very difficult to reverse. I blame the onset of winter; it seems to be a time for storing up resources and my body is very enthusiastic on that front. But I'm not going to write about weasels right now, because it's morning and my thoughts haven't cohered sufficiently.

The boy cats now have microchips and thus can, in theory, go outside again. I am oddly reluctant to let them out and am waiting for a day when I am home and able to let them back in as desired and reassure them that they still have a home. They have chips because on Friday, my room-mate [personal profile] iridium found that the Moo cat (most likely suspect) had stolen her glasses and left teeth marks on one lens and abandoned them in front of the door where they could be crunched by the incoming termite guys. Yeah. I made the appointment that day and took them in on Saturday.

Work at the market has been... sporadic. I've had excellent days and crappy days, and lately we've had cold weather. My income is not what I would like. I know that I should do something about getting my work into a gallery, but the brain weasels have things to say about that.

Plans have been made to fly to Madison for thanksgiving with the Old Folks. I considered driving, but 4 days on the road to spend three days in Madison isn't a great idea, imho. So I am flying, but booked with an airline going into Madison so at least I don't have to deal with the bus.

Wow. Wasn't that just *fascinating*? Oh the glamour, it never ends. Off to work in the market.

(I have set the preferences for the crossposting from Dreamwidth footer. With any luck, it will appear properly.)
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2012-11-05 04:43 pm

(no subject)

Crossposting from Dreamwidth now (when I can make myself write). I'm moderate_excess over there, and if you have a DW account, I'd really appreciate you adding me. At the moment, my reading page there shows a fraction of the entries on LJ, and I'd like to be able to duplicate my LJ list as much as possible.


Upcoming posts I hope to write: finished glass commissions and pictures thereof, fun with cats, French Market follies, recent visitors, and the ongoing adventures of the brain-weasels. Commenting may affect this.

Also, I need mailing addresses for the following people: [personal profile] scarlettina, [personal profile] sillylilly_bird, tn_grrl* (kept getting an error message on your user name), and [personal profile] amusingmuse. I hope you all remember why...
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2012-09-05 12:32 am

For Posterity: Chicon 7

I don't think I mentioned it here, but I agreed to design the pocket program and schedule grid for Chicon 7 in a moment of weakness, flush from the success of doing the Readercon souvenir book. I expected to be able to go to the convention, but in the end it became apparent that there was no way I could do so and I canceled my plans.

I did finish the pocket program and grid, however, and made the rather insane deadline in the face of constant updating of the data. I've gotten a little feedback through comments on lj, but the following was just posted to the concom list by a staffer and I want to preserve it for posterity (and those times of feeling low):

"The thing I heard the most positive feedback about was the pocket program book with the map in the back flap, and that the grids had numbers which allowed quick look-ups for more information."

I fought tooth and nail for those numbers and I feel entirely vindicated. Yay!
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2012-09-01 12:02 am

Storm Update the Second

The power came back on at 6:15 pm today, which was wonderful. So nice to have air conditioning and a working washing machine. And internet. Oh, sweet internet... So that makes 2 1/2 days without power which, all things considered, isn't that bad an ordeal. The worst part was trying to sleep. Tuesday night when the storm hit, I didn't put my earplugs in because I wanted to hear it if something hit the fan (so to speak). I got very little sleep as I kept waking up at every little noise and the wind was howling around the house. At around 6am I woke up to discover the electricity had gone out (thank goodness for cell phones and battery-powered wall clocks).

Wednesday was spent mostly reading with the cats and obsessively making rounds of the apartment checking for leaks. My landlord set up the generator late in the day and I got out the really long extension cord to run around the house and into my front living room window (the only one in my apartment that a) has a screen that opens and b) is protected by the deep porch. I plugged in the refrigerator, torchiere lamp on a long cord that I carried from room to room like a lantern, and my cell phone charger. Later I plugged in the modem and router, but the cable was down so I unplugged them again and plugged in my big box fan.

The wind was howling down the length of Carrollton avenue and I went out on the porch to watch the trees dancing. The huge old oak in front of the house is an impressive sight when the big limbs start moving, but I was never in fear that they would break. Some trees just as large and old lost that battle and I saw their enormous fallen bulks spanning streets or slotted neatly between houses when I finally ventured out today. The palm trees shook and bent and tossed their crowns and rained fronds down over the roads and neutral grounds and the street became a stream covered in leaves. It was a kind of fairy tale transformation of the familiar into the strange--full of the eerie light of the storm and the sound of the wind in the trees and the rain, and nowhere a car or electric light or man-made sound. The direction of the wind and the break provided by the house and bamboo stand next door made it possible to stay on the porch and feel only the lightest of breezes. I opened the window onto the porch all the way to help with the stuffiness and stillness of the air in the apartment, but without another window open there was only the slightest effect.

My landlord (A) and his wife (D) and three sons went out and played in the water and waded in the stream down to the corner in each direction and back. They reported deep lakes over the sidewalks and reveled in the rain, which had quieted in a lull between storm bands. I was glad I had moved the Camry I'm trying to sell onto the neutral ground, to a spot carefully chosen to be out of the path of any large tree or limb and in an area I knew wouldn't turn to swampy mud. I kept an eye on it throughout and it made it through beautifully. The Prius I parked in the driveway between my landlord's car and truck where it accumulated some leaves but nothing more. Higher ground at exactly sea level.

The water in the street subsided a bit and during one of the longer lulls the intrepid [ profile] thewronghands and [ profile] project_mayhem came over and spent some time hanging out and being gracious about the lack of a/c. It was really nice to see them, especially as my ability to go out and seek out social encounters was at a low point. They headed off on their rounds and I went back to my book.

Wednesday night passed much like the previous night, but without the comfort of air conditioning and the ceiling fan. The generator was turned off at midnight and the still, muggy air became quickly oppressive. It was hard to sleep and the wind and the rain, now coming from the opposite direction, rattled the windows and shook the house. It was the hardest night to get through. I eventually slept, but woke up frequently. There were occasional mysterious crashes that shook me out of bed to make more rounds of window checking. Thank goodness for preparation and a good supply of batteries for the flashlights.

Thursday it was clear the worst had passed, and the landlord's family were all out cleaning up the yard and putting things to rights, even when the rain would start up again. They shamed me into doing a modicum of straightening in my own room, putting away things I'd allowed to pile up for months. It's still a disaster, but less so. When I got too hot I sat and drank ice water and read again. At one point I went out to see if the Camry would start (it had needed a jump in order to move it to the neutral ground in the first place) and the battery was dead, dead, dead. I could have called AAA at that point, but figured they were probably busy with more urgent calls.

That evening was lovely and clear and I went out onto the back patio and joined A & D and the kids in a game of cards by candle and torch light. They had just gotten a beautiful and sweet ginger tabby kitten and had it playing in the garden around us. The game was frequently interrupted by the toddler coming by and wanting to grab everything on the table, but it was a nice, relaxing evening. I had planned on dinner with [ profile] thewronghands after she finished the fitness portion of the evening, but neither of us knew what was in store for her when she agreed to go out on a run with the Hash House Harriers. A nice 4 mile run through the city--that should take about an hour... Hahaha. Not when it's through storm water and up levees and through dense woods and brush along the river and weaving through darkened neighborhoods dodging downed trees and power lines. When she did make it back to her phone and got in touch dinner was really not an option. I only teased her a little about making me worry that she was dead in a ditch, and then I went inside and made myself a salad followed by a bowl of ice cream.

She and [ profile] project_mayhem came by early this morning and kindly gave the Camry a jump so I could move it off the neutral ground before the tow trucks got to it. Not having access to the news meant I had no idea when the city would lift the permission to park there and on my way out to the car to wait I saw a squadron of tow trucks headed down the street. I still haven't watched or listened to the news despite having had the power on for a whole 5 hours.

Today was the kind of relaxed, laid-back day I enjoy when a friend comes in from out of town and there's no particular plan. The airport reopened this morning and [ profile] thewronghands' plane was due to leave on schedule, so we had most of the day to just do whatever we wanted. First order was checking my email on her laptop, followed by breakfast. In a city with massive power outages, that can be a challenge. I didn't want to go down to the quarter for breakfast as I assumed it would be mobbed, so we headed off down Magazine. Almost everything was closed and some streets were blocked by trees. We saw a sign for the Laurel Bakery and headed there, but they had only croissants, bagels, and biscuits. A biscuit for me and a can of orangina for [ profile] thewronghands and we continued the quest. The first open restaurant we saw was Slim Goodies Diner and we pulled over. There we were offered the dazzling choice of scrambled eggs with bacon and hash browns or scrambled eggs with bacon and pancakes. We both opted for the scrambled eggs with hash browns, no bacon, and it was delicious and the server delightful.

After giving up our seats to some of the waiting throng, we headed down to the quarter and stopped at the French Market when I saw people I knew set up. A pleasant time was spent walking the market and talking to people and finding out who had power and who didn't and talking about the whole event. Eventually we headed out of the quarter and up to Bayou St. John where we discovered the Parkway Bakery and Tavern not only had no power but had a downed awning and some other wind damage that I hope was minimal. On to the lakefront where we hiked up the levee and looked at the remaining pools of water from the storm surge, then back along the bayou where we saw egrets and Muscovy ducks (we had to look them up--they are very weird looking and seem like a cross-breed between ducks and geese; we were calling them deese gucks). By this time lunch was in order and after reconnoitering Oak street and finding nothing open, we headed down St. Charles (with a detour for fallen trees) and found ourselves at the restaurant on the corner of Napoleon and St. Charles that opened where Copeland's had been before The Storm. (Yes, I've forgotten the name.) Their power was out, too, but they were serving a limited menu which included catfish po-boys and catfish with etouffee. This was an acceptable thing and lunch was delicious. I was an evil person and suggested Sucre for desert, as we had noted it was open when we drove past earlier. We both had small cups of gelato that we couldn't finish, but oh, was it good, and they had air-conditioning! We arrived at the perfect time, just before the rush of mothers with their small children in tow.

Sadly, at that point I had to drive [ profile] thewronghands out to Elmwood to connect with her ride to the airport. It was a truly delightful day and a wide range of topics were discussed. I feel enormously fortunate to have had so much time with her--usually her schedule is packed tight with activities but the hurricane forced her to do an unfamiliar thing and just relax. Ha!

When I got home the power was still out and I was ready for a nap. But then the phone rang and a text from my room-mate came in, and in the middle of measuring the kitchen drawer for her the power came back on. Every since it's been laundry and catching up on internet stuff and now writing this post which has to be one of the longest ones I think I've ever written. Suddenly it's almost midnight, and I am working in the market tomorrow.

So there you are, all caught up on my little slice of this particular storm. Friends in outlying areas didn't fare as well, but that's their story. I'll most likely turn the television on for a bit before bed and see what the news has to say. Goodnight, everyone, and thanks for your words of concern through all this.
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2012-08-30 05:17 pm

Mouseketeer roll call

I'm still here, muddling through with no a/c or internet/cable (oh, woe). The landlord has a generator and I have a really long extension cord, so my fridge is running, the light is on, I can charge my cell phone and the box fan is doing its best under the circumstances.

I've been less get out and be social than I was the last time I rode out a big tropical storm, but times change and my neighborhood is different. I'm different. Much more inclined to stay home, but open to company.

This has to be short as I'm posting from my phone and even with Swype my hand is cramping up. When the internet is back I'll make a proper post.
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2012-08-27 08:23 am

When in trouble, when in doubt... in circles, scream and shout.

Nearing the seventh anniversary of Katrina, we have a mass of swirling clouds in the gulf seemingly aimed directly at us. This sucks on a number of levels including emotional flashbacks. This is not a Katrina-sized event, however, and the pumps, floodwalls, and levees are in much better shape now. It will probably be a cat 1 or tropical storm and we'll get heavy rain. I'll park my car in the driveway or on the neutral ground and we may lose power. I have lots of candles and somewhere I have oil for the hurricane lantern. I have a lot of books I haven't read yet. And my landlord has a generator for the refrigerator, so I'm not terribly worried about losing power. I have absolutely no plans to evacuate, but I did fill up the tank of the car yesterday. Just in case. Because I'm not an idiot. I had to wait in line to get gas and the first station I went to was completely sold out and the second and third had lines too long. I didn't have to go too far to get to the fourth, so that was good. I got a little more food just in case. I did not buy water. I have a slew of containers I can fill with good old tap water should it come to that.

I'll be working in the French Market today because I have to in order to maintain seniority. I've been off for a week for complicated health reasons I don't want to go into here. It will be interesting to see how many people are down there. I imagine the hurricane party people will be out, as the quarter is one of those "safe" places. It does flood when it rains hard, though. I hope they've gotten sandbags for the shop and can get the inventory up off the floor.

I had originally planned to be in Chicago this weekend for Worldcon, but I'm actually relieved that I changed my plans and will be home. It's incredibly stressful to watch something like this from a distance. Those of you who are at the con, have fun, raise a glass for me, and think good thoughts. (Oh, and please be gentle when you critique the pocket program and grid. I had very little time and some difficult circumstances in their creation. I didn't even put my name in them.)

OK, this has been a rambling update post. Just wanted to touch base and let you all know what it looks like from down here. If you need to watch any local weather people talk about the storm, the best one is Bob Breck on local channel 8 (Fox). He's one of the few meteorologists who doesn't give in to the panic mentality and actually talks a lot of sense about what's actually happening and what isn't. He's an odd little man, but he's honest.

OK, time for me to go to work. I'm surprisingly calm.

[update] Perhaps surprising no-one, the Market isn't going to be open today. Patrick just called and said there was nobody down there. I reminded him to get things off the floor at the shop and he said "oh, good idea!" He doesn't have sandbags, but maybe he'll get some now that I've reminded him of what happens when it rains hard.

So I guess I'll be working on the glass design for those windows today. I got a lot done over the past three days and may actually be able to finish today. That would be nice.
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2012-08-05 10:28 am

Art for Less!

Just to let you know that I have lowered the price on my little fish glasses and small bowl over on etsy. Check it out:
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2012-07-31 06:07 pm


Probably the best cat portrait I've ever taken. Cut to spare your friends page )
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2012-07-30 03:40 pm

etsy WTF

And, of course, mere moments after posting, etsy went down. *facepalm*

They assure us that it will all be fixed soon.

Please do check back. I want you to see the new stuff.
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2012-07-30 02:23 pm
Entry tags:

Moar Art!

I'm still working on getting all the glass I have for sale up on etsy. The most difficult part in all of this is the photography. You guys, do you have any freaking idea how difficult it is to photograph this stuff without a professional set-up? And no, I don't have the money or the space to set one up for myself or hire someone to do it for me. So for now, it's a piece of black velvet draped over stacks of stuff in the box room and natural light. A few pieces look pretty spiffy on the kitchen counter, too, but it's a bit of a crap shoot there.

New today: Lizards and a giant squid! Check it out.

ANYway, I'm off to do some grocery shopping (making groceries). More slogging in the picture mines when I get back.

In the meantime, any and all signal boosting for this is greatly appreciated. That link again, for your shopping pleasure, is
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2012-07-08 10:57 pm

On the road again (soon)

I just got back from a week in Wisconsin and the 2,000 mile round trip drive there and back, and I'm about to leave for a 3,000 mile road trip on Tuesday. Yes, I'm crazy. I quit my job driving long distance so... that I could drive the same distance for fun! Yeah!

So, anyway, I'll be headed up to Readercon. I've been searching for contact information for my artist friend in Athens, TN, whose house is at the perfect 1-day drive stopping place, but I can't find it! I also can't remember her last name. I fail.

So I thought maybe I'd go on here (in the middle of the night, so no one will ever see it) and see if anyone in the Chattanooga to Knoxville range of the interstate might have crash space for me on Tuesday night. I don't smoke or snore loudly, and I don't think I have any other bad habits. I can even come bearing goodies from New Orleans.

Please let me know if you can help! Otherwise, it's Motel 6 for me.