May. 6th, 2012

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I imagine this will come pretty out of the blue to most of you, as I haven't been very good at sharing my thought processes here lately, but I gave notice last week on my art driving job.

My heart hasn't been in it for the last several shows, and I needed a change. 4 years is a long time to do something that physically grueling, and without a single pay raise in all that time and a growing sense of alienation, I decide enough was enough and it was time to part ways. I sent Kate an email late Wednesday night and I haven't heard back from her at all. However, there is a new ad on Craigslist for my position, posted on Friday, so I think that's a pretty sure indication that she got my email. It was a very positive email, too, no bridges burned, but I think it says a lot about how she's been treating me that she hasn't even deemed it worth responding to me. The last straw for me was her decision to have someone else work for her at Jazz Fest, and telling me about it only a few days ahead of time. No discussion, no question, just "oh, hey, you're not working." Yeah.

Anyway, I'm working more often in the French Market and making decent money (at least as much as I would make on the road, if not more) and getting to go home every night. I also went with Gerry to bid on a job reproducing two antique acid-etched windows for a house here in NOLA, and we got the job! It's a lot of work, but it's good money and it will be an enjoyable challenge. I feel good about having more time at home to work on my art. And there's the almost total lack of a social life that needs to be rectified. I've been hanging out with a bunch of vendors from the market, and it's been really fun. It will be nice to get into a routine with them, instead of scheduling around my trips.

I'll still be going to WisCon (I have my tickets!) and Readercon, and I'm planning a trip to Madison at the end of June for my high school re-union. I wish I could go to 4th St. Fantasy, but I do need to work sometime in order to pay the rent. Alas. I have some hope for Worldcon, and I have a supporting membership.

I'll miss the friends I've made on the road and some of the pleasures of travel. I won't miss the brutally hot shows, setting up and tearing down in all kinds of weather, driving 12-16 hour days, and being treated like a second-class citizen (whoops, did I say that?).

Time for the next phase of my life, one hopefully with a lot more of my own art-making in it, and better success marketing it and making more of a living from it. This new commission is a step firmly in the right direction, and it feels like a big thumbs-up from the universe telling me I made the right decision!


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