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Jan. 5th, 2008 02:19 pm
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I was lamenting to myself earlier that I never seem to remember my dreams. Well, this morning I got up with insufficient sleep, so I went back to bed. And dreamed I was in a musical (in as in designing sets for). One set piece was what looked like a portion of freestanding wall but turned out to be a big easel that could be turned around. The lead would pretend to paint on the side the audience couldn't see, then push it around to where it was visible and continue to dab at it, while revealing the finished painting (oddly, the revealed painting was an abstract in blues and greens, not a portrait). The song that went with it was a duet (at least) with him singing "I will paint you" and her going "paint my picture for me". I wish I could write music. I never got to hear the rest because my goddam cat started pawing the covers and woke me up. Eventually I went back to sleep and found myself at the opening night of a performance which I thought was just going to be a script read-through and of course I had no script. I kept searching for one but no-one had one for me and I was frantic to learn my lines. Paris Hilton had one, but wouldn't give it to me and wanted to read my lines to me. I wrestled with her for it and ended up biting her arm. Once I had the script, though, and was madly searching for my part, I felt so bad about biting her I couldn't concentrate.


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