Nov. 11th, 2012 07:15 am
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I've been thinking about how to write about the brain weasels, and I'm still mulling it over. Most of my friends understand the term and wrestle with their weasels on various levels. The ones that yammer at me the most at the moment have to do with my fluctuating weight--after a magnificent run of losing weight, I've managed to regain more than I'm comfortable with, and it's proving very difficult to reverse. I blame the onset of winter; it seems to be a time for storing up resources and my body is very enthusiastic on that front. But I'm not going to write about weasels right now, because it's morning and my thoughts haven't cohered sufficiently.

The boy cats now have microchips and thus can, in theory, go outside again. I am oddly reluctant to let them out and am waiting for a day when I am home and able to let them back in as desired and reassure them that they still have a home. They have chips because on Friday, my room-mate [personal profile] iridium found that the Moo cat (most likely suspect) had stolen her glasses and left teeth marks on one lens and abandoned them in front of the door where they could be crunched by the incoming termite guys. Yeah. I made the appointment that day and took them in on Saturday.

Work at the market has been... sporadic. I've had excellent days and crappy days, and lately we've had cold weather. My income is not what I would like. I know that I should do something about getting my work into a gallery, but the brain weasels have things to say about that.

Plans have been made to fly to Madison for thanksgiving with the Old Folks. I considered driving, but 4 days on the road to spend three days in Madison isn't a great idea, imho. So I am flying, but booked with an airline going into Madison so at least I don't have to deal with the bus.

Wow. Wasn't that just *fascinating*? Oh the glamour, it never ends. Off to work in the market.

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