Apr. 18th, 2012

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I was going to make a mopey post today about the fact that the Moo Cat seemed to have disappeared. I came home from the most recent show to find that when the room-mate moved out on Sunday, the Moo Cat also vanished. My landlord and his son went out that evening to let the cats in, and could only find Spot. When I got home on Monday, I called and called, and the Moo never answered. I went out several time that night and the next morning, but nothing. I made up signs and posted them all over the neighborhood (in the pouring rain) and called for him as I went. Nothing. Then today, as I was paying for my groceries at the Roberts up the street, my landlord called.

"Are you still looking for Moo Cat"
"Well, I'm lookin' at him. He's in the neighbor's yard, behind a car. He's stalking something."
"Keep an eye on him, please, I'm on my way!"

When I got home, I jumped out of the car and headed behind the neighbor's house. I didn't see him, but I called and heard his little meow and soon he was snaking his way through the fence from another yard. He ran right up to me and I picked him up and snuggled him. I carried him back down the driveway, at which point he started to freak out a bit and struggle, but I hung on to him and got him in the house. As soon as he was inside, he relaxed and trotted straight into the kitchen to the food bowl. As I cut up my watermelon, he came over to me at regular intervals to slam his head into my leg and get petted, then back to the food bowl. He and Spot also spent some time having a little love-fest, including head licking, butt sniffing, and purely ceremonial paw swatting. He climbed into my lap when I sat down at the computer, and Beamer came over and sniffed him and sat next to him. Which is pretty amazing right there. Spot also came over and for a little while, all three of them were within inches of each-other and there was no feline drama at all!.

Now the Moo Cat is reclining in all his spotted length on my bed. I just glanced over at him and he's asleep. Aww. I tell you what, I don't think I want to let them out after this. I was so worried and miserable!

In other news, met with R____, who came to look at the room for rent, and I think it went quite well. She told me she'd spent a fair amount of time being driven around to look at places she didn't want to live, and she met my landlady who told her she could pick the colors the room would be painted once all the repairs are complete, so those bode well for me, I think. I'll know in a few days.

In other news, the Houston show went well, even though the weather sucked rocks. It was hot and very windy the first day, then windy with threats of torrential thunderstorms the second day, and they let us pack up early. It started to rain in earnest after being all indecisive about it for a couple of hours, but fortunately I was just finishing loading the van and nothing got wet. I picked up a few things for the kitchen at IKEA, and discovered they had the light green glass votive holders I couldn't find before, so I bought a few.

I've been cleaning and tidying and settling back into my home, and it's very nice. I'll be home for a few weeks before the next road trip, and I'm looking forward to that. The box room needs sorting, and I'd like to set up a little photo area for the glass. I'm not, however, looking forward to the bathroom being out of commission. Ugh. I just hope they'll be able to put it back together in fairly short order. I spent a bit of time in Home Depot today, looking at bathroom fixtures and bath-tubs (and kitchen sinks and faucets--one can always hope) and getting an idea of how much they cost. Not as much as I had feared, it turns out. Very nice porcelain-glazed metal tubs can be had for $125. Color me surprised.

Work at the French Market tomorrow, which is why I was at the Home Depot to begin with. I'm trying to get a tall canvas-back director's chair, and they seemed to be available at the HD, but alas, it was a web-only special. I left chair-less. It appears I'll have to order one, which I don't like to do without a chance to try one out. Unless you have an idea where I could get one. Web searches are tricky; several results seem to indicate you can get one at a local store, but that turns out to be an illusion in most cases. And I'm not looking to spend more than $50, so that's Brookestone right out.

Well, my view is now blocked by a fat black cat who wants her lap back, so I'd better finish up.

That's the news from my restored household. How's by you?


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