Apr. 7th, 2012

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Hello. I'm still here. Still reading all your posts, just been in a period of internet quiet.

So, I've been working a *lot* lately, both on the road and in the French Market and the pen shop. The market has been pretty good recently, and this has allowed me to actually buy something I've wanted/needed for over a year. That's right, I have a smart phone. After much research and back-and-forthing, I chose the Droid Razr. In Purple. To match my fountain pen. Yep, that's me, feet planted firmly in two eras. It's very shiny. I've had it two days and am figuring out how to make it dance. So far I've gotten it set to Swype, which I love, downloaded Dropbox, downloaded a Dr. Who ringtone, figured out the navigation feature, and a few other things. Stuff I have not figured out yet: how to get it to use a different ringtone for text messages vs email notifications and how to turn off the 4G feature so that it will connect to the web only if there's a wifi connection available (which will also, I understand, save on battery life). If you know the answer to these, please do let me know.

Otherwise, life goes on. Smudge the cat disappeared as suddenly as he showed up, and I suspect he was re-claimed by his owners, or by someone else. I'm not terribly sorry, as he was an incredibly destructive and disruptive influence on the household. Spot and Moo Cat are integrating nicely, and Beamer has actually tolerated the Moo Cat on my lap next to her (!), although there was some ear-flattening and growling when he leaned a little too close.

I'm trying to get out more, socially, and have made friends with a bunch of people from the market. They hang out at a local gay bar, which is pretty small and low-key and features art on the walls, so I may go there after work more often. The only drawback is the cigarette smoke.

My current room-mate is leaving April 15 (while I'm at the Woodlands, TX show, of course), and I am corresponding with someone who sounds like an ideal candidate. We'll meet after I get back from Woodlands.

(I feel I should have used bullet points. Oh, well. I trust you to visualize them if you want.)

The landlord is planning to tear out my bathroom (the only one with a bath/shower) as soon as the room-mate leaves, so I will be shower-less and living alone until that gets finished. The floor is cracking, and the state of the underfloor is, apparently, alarming. He wants a month and a half to do the work, so we're shooting for a June 1st availability date for someone to move in. In the meantime, they've offered the use of their shower upstairs. I'm still a little uncertain about this.

I'm still making my own bread, and trying to eat just one slice a day. I'm back on the eating plan, as I've managed to regain some of that lost weight. So far so good, and I'm down 5 lbs from starting it up again. Today I made several batches of my low-fat hummus, so I'm well and truly back on track. I'd forgotten how delicious it is, so I'm looking forward to having it for lunch again. Dinner has been huge salads of spinach, red bell pepper, seedless cucumber, 2 oz feta cheese, and a quarter cup of toasted sunflower seeds. Yummy, and pretty balanced. I like the seedless cucumber and am looking forward to having some with the hummus.

So that's the current state of things. I've had things to say over the months, but not found the will to put fingers to keyboard. I have, however, been keeping a paper journal for about a month now, so I may post some highlights from that.

OK, off to a baby shower. Love to all of you (whoever is still reading and even those of you not. But how would I know?).


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